Chris Murphy, ‘Trainee IT Consultant’

Chris Murphy, ‘Trainee IT Consultant’

Having successfully completed his IT Professionals, Level 3 at Bury College, we’re pleased to recently have taken Chris under our wing as ‘Trainee IT Support’ whilst entering his level 4.

Chris has a real drive to work in IT, since having a natural curiosity of understanding technology from an early age, where he first began building computers and fixing friends and families PCs. Chris has built a strong foundation of technical IT experience in both software and hardware technologies, whilst developing skills in operating systems, such as Windows XP/Vista/7.

Chris has developed first hand practical knowledge with the combined experience of studying, volunteering and working as ‘IT Technician’ at Macefield Primary School.

A few things we might like to know about Chris…

Likes: Gaming, anime, networking, watching comic book movies (Spiderman has to be a favourite!), eating pizza, socialising with friends and watching the Gadget Show.

Favourite TV shows: Big Bang Theory, DragonBall Z

Dislikes: Early mornings, healthy eating

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