Joanne Hunt, ‘Office Manager’

Joanne Hunt, ‘Office Manager’

After studying SAGE Computerised Accounts, Joanne has acquired excellent knowledge of processing accounts, transactions and managing customer reports.

With an additional background working in Admin, such as working for local charities and organisations, Joanne is a real master of organisation and has a keen sense of attention to detail, to keep everything running smoothly in the office.

As partner to Lee, it isn’t just a coincidence that Lee and Joanne share the same name. Joanne is Lees wife and they’ve been together for over 16 years. With 2 lovely children to manage, as well as run a business, Joanne busily maintains the day to day operations of Codus.

Since working for Codus, Joanne started as part time, but now able to work full time as office manager Joanne manages the day to day office duties, working in accounts, payments and compiling invoices.

If you need something sorting other than computers, Joanne is the person to speak to!

A few things we might like to know about Joanne…

Likes: Reading and baking

Dislikes: Doing the ‘big shop’ and wasps

Favourite Film: Calamity Jane

Favourite book: ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife,’ followed by the ‘Night Circus’ (the ending was a bit of a letdown otherwise this one would have been first!)

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