Lee Hunt, ‘Managing Director/Owner’

With a rooted interest in technology and computers from an early age, Lee always had a knack of problem solving and creating solutions.

As a natural progression from building computers, Lee worked as IT Support and Software Development at 22 years of age for a prestigious law firm working as a senior member of staff writing intricate software for legal systems. After building years of experience through self-tuition and working as Software Developer at COGNISOFT, creating high-end software for training companies, such as, Job Centre Plus and Connextions, Lee has adept knowledge of software writing, which has given him the backbone of Codus.

With a keen drive to progress, and understand different functions of IT, Lee became IT Manager at a Manchester based Architects managing the whole IT infrastructure across 3 offices. With the recession looming, Lee worked freelance, continuing to provide specialist IT Support for companies across the North West.

With over 10 years combined experience of software writing and IT Management, Lee began establishing his own company and set up Codus during the core of the recession, in attempt to provide a whole hearted quality service to enterprise businesses.

A few things we might like to know about Lee…

Likes: Cycling, technology, gadgets, Land Rovers, Apple products (not an obsession with the fruit), playing bass guitar and spending quality time with family.

Dislikes: The 472 bus!

Books: Hackers – Heroes of the Computed Resolution.

Lee Hunt's LinkedIn Profile