Simon Taylor, ‘IT Manager’

Simon Taylor, ‘IT Manager’

Simon has been IT Manager at Codus for over 3 years, bringing a real energy and enthusiasm; Simon is determined to get a job resolved accurately and meticulously.

With extensive experience working in IT across numerous fields, such as, specialising in software/hardware technologies, IT Management, Computer Maintenance down to the technicalities of network and cabling analysis, Simon has a broad knowledge of IT to overcome any technical or maintenance issues.

Spending over 16 years as IT Support Engineer, working freelance as well as experience running his own Support company, which dealt with corporate blue chip companies, SME’S and Educational authorities, Simon has expertise and knowledge to work across all sectors, and with his personable character Simon brings lots of personality to the team.

A few things we might like to know about Simon…

Likes: The simpler things in life, cars, music, technology, has a secret fondness of carnation milk and not forgetting his pet rescue cat, Flash!

Dislikes: Having his photograph taken 🙂

Favourite film: Pump up the Volume!

Favourite Book: Diary: The Life of Keith Moon

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