Tamara Downes, Accident Advice Solicitors

As with any business IT support and systems are key to any successful business. The whole reason we outsource is to get the right expertise for skills you don’t hold within your own business. As with any outsource you have to feel confident and put your trust in that company to carry out work for you professionally and be able to trust them to look after the heart of your business and Codus genuinely do that.

We asked Codus IT to come and see us as we had had a few problems with our existing IT support company. We lacked trust and felt vulnerable due to a bad experience which was extremely costly to our business. Immediately we were put at ease and had confidence in Codus’ IT capability. We liked the way that they were straight talking and did not baffle us with IT jargon that we did not understand. They did not try to provide us with things we did not require and they got an immediate feel for what was important to our business.
Their experience and level of expertise is excellent. They are friendly and work well with our staff and team and we have built a great business relationship and rapport with them. They are an absolute asset to our firm and we wish that we had found them sooner and saved ourselves, time, considerable headache and expense but we didn’t. They were worth the wait.

We would highly recommend them to any other business. We have engaged them to put in the IT infrastructure for a new business we are starting as we are so delighted with the support and work they have done for us in our existing business. We would be happy to verify what we have outlined.

Yours Faithfully,

Tamara Downes (Solicitor & Managing Director) Accident Advice Solicitors